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You might not know that your home could be filled with toxins that could literally and silently cause you and your family members their health. So the question of how toxic your home will surely arise when you start to find dark spots on your ceiling and walls. To be more precise, these dark spots are toxic black mold which are known as strachybotrys chartarum. These dark ugly patches of black spots could turn out to be more dangerously deadly than one can imagine them to be. Symptoms of infection could start with a simple cough, runny nose, blurred vision, or headaches and then progress towards difficulty in breathing. And conducting black mold removal is imperative to maintaining a healthy environment.

Toxic mold thrive in humid and moist areas, especially around the wall of leaking plumbing, bathroom ceiling with high humidity levels due to shower and bad ventilation system, bottom of the kitchen sink, ceiling of a leaking roof and just about anywhere else that you might find the infamous combination of high humidity and moisture.

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Identify where the harmful fungus have spread. The operative word here is spread as you might think that these mold only grow in one area which is very wrong indeed. They spread and they spread extensively fast, from the root origin of cause to other wet and humid areas of the room and beyond.

When cleaning out toxic black mold, you need to fully equip yourself with protection garb and eyewear, wear a surgical mask or an N95, rubber gloves etc. Leave nothing to chance because when you get infected your health deteriorates very rapidly.

First, before you attempt to remove the deadly fungus, you need to ensure that they do not get airborne. Hence, wet the affected area with a damp cloth. Then use a strong soap based chemical like detergent or dishwasher to wipe off the fungus. This is simply the first step in black mold removal. Many people would think that using bleach would terminally kill all the fungus but this is not true.

In fact, using bleach only seem to aggravate the situation by encouraging even more rampant mold growth after your cleanup. This is because the bleach only work to remove the color of the mold, thereby camouflaging their presence. They then continue to grow to other parts of the room or rooms even more extensively without you detecting them as you might think that you have already gotten rid of them for good. Another reason why they are able to grow further is that the bleach is not able kill the spores at the roots. Instead, there are many mold removal products in the market current to help homeowners deal with this problem and to permanently remove toxic black mold.

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For the affected area, ensure that you ventilated the room well and use a dehumidifier whenever possible. You might also wish to consider installing a comprehensive home ventilation system. Discard the infested materials by burning them if possible as part of the black mold removal regime and constantly check on the affected surfaces and their surroundings to prevent the toxic black mold from growing back.

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  1. Joleen says:

    I Have experienced health problems personally from having Toxic Black Mold in my home. I had a sputum test preformed form my physicians office, once the test results from the lab came back, I was told I was positive for Penninsillium Species, Aspergillus Species, as well as other types such as neg rods, spheres, and so on found in my lungs. I was sent to a Toxicologist, and other specialists. They even tested for Aspergillioses. I have a love now to become a CMI.
    Thank you for this website. There are far too many people who have no idea how dangerous Black Mold can be for your health.
    Joleen Rose