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It’s sad to say but toxic mold is everywhere we live. As long as your home allows enough air in so that humans can survive then you will have mold. Black mold is one of the most toxic of molds and while it can be less common than other mold species, it is not rare!!

So the question you should be asking yourself is not “is there mold in my house” but rather “how much mold do I have in my house”. Once you acknowledge that you have mold in your house the next step is finding out where it is and what kind it is.

Visual inspection is the first method to use for detecting mold. Search the web and take a look at some black mold pictures and you should quickly be able to assess if the mold you have is black mold. However, the majority of mold problems in a home go undetected because mold likes dark places that homeowners rarely check, behind walls, underneath floors, between tiles, below sinks, inside closets and even cracks on the ceiling. Because molds don’t need light to grow and they like damp places, it’s not unusual to find them in places that you rarely go to.

Once you have been able to determine that you have mold, you need to get rid of the mold quickly. Every minute you wait puts you and your family’s health at risk. There are many ways to eliminate mold, and depending on how serious your problem is you can either do it yourself or bring in a professional. There are a number of sites on the internet that can provide you with more information on mold remediation.

How To Remove Mold From Home

However, many of the suggested ways of eliminating mold involve the use of harsh chemicals and require you to wear protective clothing and ensure that no family members or pets are nearby when you are using them. You sometimes wonder if the cure is not as bad as the mold. There is an alternative that involves the use of all natural products, especially tea tree oil. If you are familiar with tea tree oil you know that it has many medicinal applications but it is also very effective in killing mold.

One product we recommend is SAFE T Air tea tree oil gel, a safe product that you can use to eliminate and keep black mold away. And it is so easy to use. You simply open the jar and place it near where you think the mold might be. The tea tree oil evaporates into the air and finds the mold, even if it is hidden behind walls or in other hard to find dark places.

Hopefully, by properly treating your home environment you won’t need to be looking at black mold pictures on the web anymore.

You can find pictures of black mold HERE. For more information on tea tree oil gel products go to Natural Mold Control

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How To Remove Mold From Home

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