Toxic Black Mold, A Real Problem

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Black Mold is a real problem. Infestations of black toxic mold cause issues for lots of people, from having to remove it from showers, to having to deal with the severe health problems caused by it. This problem is growing, no pun intended, and is getting so much attention lately, one would expect that to know exactly what toxic black mold is would be simple enough to determine.

There are a whole lot of companies out there, who are using all these big words and stuff, that the average victim of an infestation of toxic black mold begins to wonder what’s going on. Toxic black mold, and the removal of it, is something that can actually be explained in an easy to understand way, so that you are armed with the knowledge to do something about it if you suspect you may have it in your home.

Created by the media (newspapers, magazines, radio and television), these phrases; “Toxic Mold”, “Black Mold”, “Toxic Black Mold” and “Black Toxic Mold” are all generally the same thing. What may be the difference, is only in the varied species of mold that is found in a sample of it. Nearly all species of black mold can cause health issues in someone. It depends on the concentration of mold, and the general health of those in its vicinity.

One of the many species of toxic mold is called Aspergillus. Like most molds, this is a mold that grows in humid, moist areas. If your basement (or crawl space) is moist or humid, or if you have a leak somewhere in your home, you could be a victim of aspergillus infestation. Some of the more common types of mold include; chaetomium, dematiaceous, memnoniella, stachybotrys and thousands of others. Without a microscope, it is difficult for the average person to tell one species from the other. What’s really bad, is not do you have a toxic mold invasion in your home, it’s how much of one you have.

The issue to be aware of with toxic mold is the spores. There are people who are very susceptible (or allergic) to mold. So much so, that their health breaks down, and they get extremely sick from the mold, and its spores. Not only do the spores of black mold make one ill, the by-products of mold growth, called mycotoxins are unhealthy. Mycotoxins are the substance that molds excrete during their growth. Remember, molds are alive. They eat, and what happens when you eat? You make waste. It’s this waste that is highly toxic to other living beings.

Toxic black mold grows almost anywhere. Likely places for mold growth are shower walls and ceilings, tile (and its grout), even fabrics (such as carpets, rugs and curtains). Your best defense against mold caused illness is to remove as much as you can, and try to keep the areas where it can grow clean and dry.

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