How To Remove Mold From Home

Toxic Black Mold, A Real Problem

Toxic black mold, and the removal of it, is something that can actually be explained in an easy to understand way, so that you are armed with the knowledge to do something about it if you suspect you may have it in your home.

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What would the symptoms be if there were mold in the house?

What would be some of the physical symptoms you would experience if your house had mold? I live in Florida and have had this terrible tickle and cough for 2 weeks and don’t know why. Some symptoms of mold would be: shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, being tired more easily than usual, and [...]

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Do-It-Yourself Black Mold Removal

Do-It-Yourself Black Mold Removal, before you attempt a do-it-yourself black mold removal project, first be sure that what you’re dealing with is, in fact, black mold.

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